rainy or sunny????

June 14, 2007 3:15am CST
wat do you want, rainy season or sunny saeason?
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• India
14 Jun 07
Well i like rainy season as it is very romantic and cool and enjoy getting wet in the rain...
• Philippines
15 Jun 07
well you are ryt.. its very romantic when you are in the rain.. and you are wet.. especailly when you are with some one special..
• India
15 Jun 07
I prefer to have sunny season , I know most of the people like rainy season , But I feel rains spoil my routine . I feel gloomy in rainy days and I find it hard to wake up earlier. I just like to lie on the bed whole day ! I being a student my entire course is spoiled if I keep sleeping. So I prefer my sun warm on my back. Buy the way which do you like sunny or rain !!!! Seems you are new to the system , Good Luck for all success here !!!