Why does life seems to be so IRONIC?

June 14, 2007 4:40am CST
Life is a paradox.. what you want, u don't get.. what you get, u don't enjoy.. what you enjoy is not permanent.. what is permanent is boring.. whatta life??
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• United States
26 Jun 07
hmmmmmm what to say....well yah life is ironic!!! it will always be...i just try to think as positive as i can and live a life that makes my lord happy and just BE HAPPY!!! XD but life gets really hard sumtimes..grrrrrr....why duz it have to be sooo hard!!!
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
same here.. I always have to be OPTIMISTIC in all terms so that I can live happily even though its hella hard!..
@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
14 Jun 07
Prehaps if you look life forward positive , the world will be better yea , or else you will really feel bored
• Philippines
15 Jun 07
thanks for your advice.. maybe I'm just really a pesimistic person..
• United States
22 Jul 07
Hehe, this is funny because I'm a walking paradox. :D So, why do you feel this way my dear?