What's your goal in life?

June 14, 2007 6:31am CST
What's your goal in life? How many goals have you achieved? How can you do that?
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• India
14 Jun 07
From childhood onwards I never had any specific goal or target but I always try to be the best performed inall activities As such I strived for the same. When I completed my 10+2 then started targets and goals in my life... As such after 10+2 we have to give an Entrance Exam for Engineering studies but some how i performed poor in that where as my friend done good ofcourse he has a reservation seat so he joined in Engineering but i cannot.... Then I decided i should be a professional before he realises as a Engineer.. So I never tried for second attempt for Engineering so I joined in a Bachealor Degree of Science which is 3 years course where as Engineering is 4 year course. After completed my 3 years I gave a competitive entrance exam for Education I got a rank 00054 which is a State Rank and I joined Bachealor Degree of Education(which is a course for Teacher job) So I reached the target of a Professional along with his Engineering.... Now he is a Assistant Manager in a Steel Company Ofcourse later on I gave another entrance exam where I got rank of 00039 which gave me a Master Degree in Computer Applications Now i am working in Indian Airlines as Assistant Manager...... But Now target is diverted towards Money and Luxury such that I should be the best of all my known friends I try for the same...... Later on what are my target I dont know..... But I performed best till now