Where are my earnings at Agloco?

@shomomo (850)
June 14, 2007 9:13am CST
I know they added their bar and it's a great effort but I can't see my earnings so whats the point? I still don't believe that company works, sorry for being sceptic, it's just that I've been fooled before.
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• Sri Lanka
16 Jun 07
Agloco has still not given a basis on how you are paid for the accumulated hours by using the viewbar. From my estimates the payment will be received only in September 2007. So the best thing is to get as many referrals as possible, keep the view bar on your desktop as much as possible and keep your fingers crossed.
@sunshine4 (8707)
• United States
14 Jun 07
I am very skeptical also. I read that the earnings are threw stock and they pay for 5 hours a month, but this means nothing to me. I haven't even used it these last few days because when I try to get on the site it won't come up.
@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
14 Jun 07
This is the question that Agloco fans have a rough time with. The company has been very vague about what the earing rate will be. The thing that is clear is that all initial earnings will be shares only. They have stated that until the company has a positive cash flow there will be no cash payments. Trouble is, there is no way to know at what point the cash flow becomes positive. It would certainly take months. The shares are a definite gamble. Although the company says they will list on a stock exchange eventually, most of the major exchanges will not accept a company that issues unregistered shares in the manner Agoloc plans to. Hence there is a good chance that they will be no way to sell the "shares". As you might suspect I am a cynic about this one, I decided not to bother with it. I already have 2 surf bars running so I don't exactly need a third, especially when there is no real recompense for it.