Does keep a pet has benefit or ti's harmful

June 14, 2007 8:02pm CST
Many people like to keep a kind of annimal as a pet, such as dogs, cats, birds, and so on. They put so great enthusiasm on them that some pets are treated like their family members. A good relationship between people and pets can be very comfortable. They are loyal audiences of you, while you have something can't tell any one else. They can cure you pains. make anxious hearts return to peace and innocence, some pets ecen can help yo cure some mental disease. That's the advantages of keeping an pet. However, pets are often expensive, to feed them would even cost more. to much money spend on pets anr more or less a little improper while there are so many starving people in this nation. Some dangerous pets are a menace to their owners, even a dog attack people somtimes, things could be worse if they carrving some fatal cirus. that's the disadvantages of keeping an pets. And every people have his ourn ideas, what's your opinion?
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@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
15 Jun 07
Having a pet has been proven to lower blood pressure and heartrate, and to calm anxious people. People with pets tend to live longer than those without. However, you are right, that pet owners have to be prepared and responsible for the time and expense of keeping a pet. They are also responsible for their pet's behaviour, and it must be safe around its owner, the family, and other people. An animal that is a menace is not a pet, it is a danger. There are thousands of pets waiting for adoption at local shelters that are not aggressive or dangerous, and the benefits are numerous.
• China
15 Jun 07
Thank you for your response. And thank you for you idea.