June 14, 2007 11:05pm CST
When do you think a person has to retire.
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• Philippines
15 Jun 07
there is a law which requires a certain age so as one will be enabled to consider getting into retirement. another feature is on a mandatory age for retirement. in some countries, there is a clause which one can consider to avail of after so many years of service in a company or the government. for me, it will be better to be able to avail of retirement at an earlier age. 45 will be perfect. one is still strong enough and agressive, too, to go through some business ventures of one's own. doing this can make one make good use of the retirement pay that has been received. it will be good if we can give our retirees a good option to be able to still lead active lives aftr retirement. there are some though, who prefers to grow old with their jobs. i know some who keep on holding on to their work despite being so advanced in years. i believe that this is one thing that will be determined by a person's personal prerogatives in life.