I want to go to uni but..

@nugget (77)
June 15, 2007 3:24pm CST
ok im moving to sheffield in about 5months. I want to go to university to study computers. The thing is at college i did a Btec national diploma in Animal managemnt, I thouhgt oh well i have done a btec and got my points, but i phoned them and asked if it counts and they are unsure as i need a merit in 2subjects relevant to the course. I dont know what to do and i would like to know if anybody knows if this will count for the course i want to do or will i have to go back to college? thanx for your time
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@mummymo (23707)
14 Jul 07
I wish I could help more here nugget but as it has been 4 weeks since you posted this I am hoping that you have got some better information! I only know this because my son was choosing his subjects for studying in 3rd year a few months ago! At that time we were told that there was no point in him taking O grade Computing as they wouldn't teach him anything he didn't already know and that you didn't have to have any computing qualifications to study computing at college or university - that means that your qualification should count - or at least I hope so! xx