Whats the ideal age for marriage?

October 24, 2006 2:36am CST
Its open to both the girls and the boys out there.
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• India
15 Jun 07
I feel ideal age for women is 25 and for men its 27...And i don't think there should be an ideal age because most people don't follow it so its of no use......
@jcvernz (477)
• Philippines
15 Jun 07
Though i got married at 29 but for me an ideal age to get married for a women like me would be at the age of 25. But i make sure things are in stable in that age...my job..my career... as in everything in it's proper place if not then i prefer not to get married. So, its then i got married at 29 because i wave things right...fulfill my dreams...find stable job..then got married. I have no regrets at all coz i was blessed to bear a child a month after my wedding day.
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@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
1 Jan 08
Marrying young has its benefits, after University say at 21-24, getting married and having quick children would be a good Idea, it gives you yur freedom to do your own things at the prime of your like!