Now THIS test is eerie!

@ZenDove (698)
United States
June 16, 2007 1:06am CST
I posted an address to a relationship test that was pretty cool but then I remembered another type of analysis based on colored squares. Sure enough, there is a website and I'll tell you, this system is impressive. Even my husband, the cynic, was impressed. Although he did ask me what good does it do "So what? You already know all that stuff about yourself." I said "Don't you get it? It means that I CAN be understood. That there are words to express what it is that I am feeling and that I' m not alone. I couldn't be alone because then this simple website could not have said such true words about me!" Getit? Look, just try this. It only takes 5 minutes. I promise you food for thought if nothing else. Again, it is free and nothing to fill out or join.
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