Destiny? Does It Exist

June 16, 2007 1:56am CST
Is their only thing like destiny? Do u believe in it? if truely it exist,How come some are rich while some are poor,. but it may be because of our sin. No it not because most of the rich men are not righteous than the poor. Or some people are destined to be rich while some are destined to be poor. If so, then why? I don't know if you understand me,let take 4 example When i was in school,their was this guy in my department who'd come to lecture without a notebook, he has no textbook. But do you know something, He was always the best student in my dept and now a lecturer in my school. So what are you saying? that he is gifted or he is destined to be better than others. please help me out by explaining to me why it is like that.
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• Philippines
16 Jun 07
I do believe in destiny very deeply. I think when we are born, our life is predestine. God gave us brain cell to know what is right or wrong and when we choose the wrong decision or act, we are taking away what our destiny is. This is the reason there are rich and poor in the world. I think we were all born equal and it is our choices in our adult life that we make or break our opportunity to become rich. Example, if one is born to poor parents and one accepts it totally without trying to change things and be a successful person against all odds, one remains poor for life. Again, we are all made in the likeness of God or Allah, Perhaps, the guy in your class tried harder to concentrate more on what the teacheer was saying because he was handicapped in not having a textbook and therefore, turned out to be the best student.