talking to dogs

@indywahm (808)
United States
June 16, 2007 3:56am CST
do you talk to your dog like they were human?? I talked to my dog all of the time and it actually was like he was listening. it was weird. he would move his head and look at me just like a person would. maybe he was just waiting for food or wanting me to shut up.
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• United States
17 Jun 07
I talk to my dog all the time. Over time she clearly understands more and more. I also talk to her with dog body language, much of which humans can use in a way dog will understand -
@Willowlady (10658)
• United States
16 Jun 07
Dogs can come to understand several words from our language. They do have some brains to enable them though they live in the right now to understand and retain what certain words are. They are indeed great listeners since they listen to the inflections and nuances that our voices express. Cats can understand even more words. Of course they are a bit more sophisticated compared to dogs. I hope you can have pets once again.
@gewcew23 (8007)
• United States
16 Jun 07
I do talk to them but I talk to my cats more as they are inside. I talk to them just like kids. They talk back to me when I talk to them. They will give me hints when they are hungry or they want so loving. It is so funny how animals react to us and vice versa.
@madhuraks (425)
• Kuwait
16 Jun 07
Yes i talk to my dog.He listens what ever i talk him.Some times he responses to me when i ask him abt him like do u want food,he suddenly picks up his bowl & brings it to us.Some times while he was sleeping if v talk abt him taking his name,suddenly he gets up & listens to us may b thinking that v are talking abt him.If v say him dad came he rans to the door to see him.I think dogs can understand every thing that v r talking to him with love or in angry & it can make out our moods that v r sad or happy.& so on.