are we all a bit racist?

@axter69 (379)
June 16, 2007 4:38am CST
I was watching johathan Ross last night and he had as a guest on his show Shilpa Shetty. They was talking about the Big Brother show and how it all got a bit nasty. But I found my self thinking is it really any more than name calling? I know you don't here to often you silly white idiot but if you did would it make the news? I dont think so, In amarica for example you quite often see in films folk referd to as white trash? so is this not a form a racsism? I think to some extent we all use the words, not so much to be hurtful or offensive but just because its something we have grown up with. I have to be honest growing up as a white male I could never apricate what it is like to be called a name bassed purley on the tone of your skin. any way thats just what was on my mind, bit all over the place sorry but thats just the way my mind is.
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