ENEMIES ....are heplful.....????

June 16, 2007 6:14am CST
I know many of you will have enymies . You feel troublesome handling them. Dont you ? You would have felt that manytimes you want to be in place which is free from them. Have you not felt so ? You love to be in the company of friends ? You feel time flies with them and enjoyed with them. You feel the success you attin in life is because of you friends. But did you know that without enemies , you would have attained success. He provides a competion for in you in work. So he make you work more to achieve you targets. Friends never point out your mistakes. They feel that the frindship would be lost if he said anything wrong. So who does this job ? Its you foe , he pin poits your mistakes , stives to find more and more mistakes in every nook and corner. So he gives you an opportunity to correct those. So when you are free from those flaws you become perfect. Hey , now how is my point of views ? Do you feel I am wrong ? Do you feel you can succeed with only friends ?
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@asmurthy (2462)
• India
17 Jun 07
well expressed about friends and enemies. They both are useful to us. Friends encourage us and enemies make us to reach our goals faster.
@jade1986 (567)
• India
16 Jun 07
I'd rather call them as competitors and not enemies. I am a student in college and have face enough competition. I can not call them as enemies as they have never caused any serious harm to me. But without them i couldn't have strived for doing better. Enemies, rather competitors make you put on that extra effort that helps yourself to do better. So i would say, enemies are as essential as friends. In fact it is better to have wise enemies than foolish friends.