Drawing Comics

@JUNGLE (1157)
South Africa
June 16, 2007 6:27am CST
I read about a guy called Manny Bello, who is a comic book artist who draws only pencil. As some of you may know, comics are created by a team effort, that is, a writer writes a script followed by a pencil artist, doing the pencil drawing which is then inked in by the ink artist, and if it is going to be a color production, a colorist will put in the color. The writing and other lettering such as the speech balloons and title are finally put in by a letterer and is then ready to be printed. A lot of work and a lot of artists for a comic book which is more often than not just twenty pages in length. So along comes a guy like Manny Bello and starts drawing comics in pencil....only pencil. No inking. I love it. It is black and white of course, but who really needs color anyway.In the early days of comics production they had a valid reason to have pencil drawings inked as they only had very primitive printing processes at hand. These cameras could'nt photograph the drawings as the artist had originally drawn them,things like line definition shading and so on were impossible to say the least.That is quite understandable,but today we live in a Super technological age, and why do we still use long drawn out methods.Maybe its so we can let everyone have a job.In any case I think Manny Bello is a super artist,and, perhaps there are other comics artists who are doing the same that I have'nt heard of but still I applaud Manny for his work which looks like it has been inked, but is actually drawn only with a 2B pencil.Oh and by the way....Manny is also an excellent inker.
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