we should protect our environment.

@mari123 (1862)
June 16, 2007 7:45am CST
we should spend much money,much labour and so on, profits may be much important in all ingredients, but the pollution that caused by the industry is much worse than what we have. which means we should spend much more money to protect from polluting, because water pollution we may have no water to drink, meanwhile, air pollution we can not breathe the good quality air. and others. Now, government is playing important role in protecting polluting, others only go together with each other to work with the government. At last, let's walk together to fight for polluting, fight for our beautiful tomorrow!
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• United States
20 Jun 07
Yes, we need to be aware of how our actions affect the environment. Little things can make a difference in saving water-shorter showers and turning off the water when shaving or brushing teeth. Recycling and making car trips doing more then one thing at a time. Businesses must be more pro-active in environmental concerns and contribute more profits back into research.