Who likes T-Bag

June 16, 2007 7:55am CST
The big jerk in pb,most vicious one,anyone likes him 'cause he is evil
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@yanstill (1490)
• China
16 Jun 07
at least i dont like him.i know there are a considerable amount of people like him,why?maybe it is because that at the bottom of his heart,there is still something good left there,when i saw he didnt kill that woman he loves,i know he really loves that woman,a man as cold as him,he wouldnt let anybody who betrayed him alive,but he did. besides,when he is pretending to be a good man,he is sort of charming,but after all,this role he played in pb,is sucessful.
• China
16 Jun 07
Yeah,he has something good left in the bottom of his heart,but excerpt that he is a narrow-minded,cunning and cruel guy
@yanstill (1490)
• China
17 Jun 07
yes,he is cruel,so i guess t-bag will die at the end. thanks for your BR.:)
• Australia
24 Jun 07
Yes i agree. T-bag will die by the end. As to who will kill him/how he will die i am not sure. Michael hasnt got it in him to kill anyone in my opinion. Possibly Bellick. What do others think?
@tambdy (1968)
17 Jun 07
I think he is a brilliant actor, the way he portrase t-bag. One thing i would like to say is if it was not for his father and the things he did then he would not be like that, i know it is not an excuse but his father did molest him. I think what is funny is we seen a good side to him when he did not kill the one he loves and her 2 children. As you know he has never loved and he loved her.
• China
18 Jun 07
Maybe at the bottom of his heart left some virtue,but he is deeply lost that nothing can cure him,especially those innocent civilians.
• China
11 Apr 08
I like him very much. He his wisdom,kill guys without any hesitation,his love for susan,most important he is a ture man.Maybe you think he is a rubbish,but see what his family gave him? No eaqual to people when was born,depend on yourself!
1 Jul 07
lol, i like him...he's like...just got a really cool accent...and theres just something about him a like. :)
@060157 (1059)
• Pakistan
27 Jun 07
the role of t-bag has been performed really well by the actor. u hate the character? thats just the magic of his acting.
@MrManUtd (53)
• Ireland
23 Jun 07
i like the character of t-bag. i loved him the episode riots drills nd the devil in series 1
@josyula (112)
• India
19 Jun 07
T-Bag is the worstest character i have ever seen.I dont like him at all he is a stupid guy.No Mercy and no humanity in him.But he makes the story intresting by spoiling all the plans of scofield and he soxx big time.
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
i love t-ba's character..he is the most deceitful character i ever encountered..hahahaha! i get irritated everytime he doe stupid things but his character is something unuqie..my male classmates loves him so much..he's a survivor!hehehe