After Contract Over, Is Pay To Go best or Renewing Contract

@suspenseful (40312)
June 16, 2007 9:15am CST
I am on a three year contact with my cellphone provider. I figured that was the best way to go, and I will probably go for a more intensive plan as funds allow. However at three years, my contract will be over. I can talk to people on Rogers and Fido free all the time and receive messages from them, but everyone else free after six. My phone is for emergencies but there will come a time when I am at someplace with no landline and will have to phone somebody. I also intend to buy phonecards when I am out of my sim card area. Now should I then go pay to go or keep on a contract?
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
16 Jun 07
I think it depends on how much you use your phone- and how much it costs for the plan compared to prepaid- or pay as you go- I'm sure I will just renew my plan- Not sure about the provider though- Right now we use Verizon- it is the best in this area- but I'm hoping that by the time I'm up for renewal _ about 1 year- Alltell will be here-
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
17 Jun 07
I'll probably renew it. Evening and Weekends are free and I tend to talk most then.