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Proof - Proof of one payment=]
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June 16, 2007 8:31pm CST
MAKE CASH BY CLICKING ON RANDOM WEBSITES! This site is NOT fake! And, you do NOT need a credit card! I've been doing this with my friend for a week now and we've both made a lot of money (Made over $30 on average of sitting 40 minutes in front of my computer.) Here are the insturctions: 1. First thing, you need to create an email address to use. I use gmail, but you can use whatever you prefer 2. Next register a free paypal account at http://www.paypal.com. You DO NOT NEED A CREDIT CARD TO REGISTER! ONLY TAKES 2-3 MINUTES!3. After that, register for Gangstergreed with the same email used to create your paypal account with the link below: http://www.gangstergreed.com?ref=13105 4. After registering for Gangstergreed, click "Earn Cash" and start doing the surveys for money! 10 bucks is the minimum payout, and you earn like a buck from an offer. Some of them are worth more. ~You can fill in FAKE INFORMATION for your surveys!! (I recomend you do this! make fake name/phone number/address/ect. so you don't recieve the annoying messages and still make $$!!) ~but make sure you complete them an I suggest saying "No" for all the ads offered to you. (When you finish it will say "Thank you for registering, would you like to see more offers?" after that follow the next step) ~After finishing a survey, press "Mark as complete" and it will be pending. Once approved you will have the amount the survey was worth. After recieving at least 10 dollars, you can sah out and money will be sent to your paypal. This is definitely worth it because it's quick and easy cash and the best part is NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!!!This is great for people who play Online games and want to pay monthly fees or buy premiums!! Or just great to have the extra cash to buy stuff onine or transfer to your bank account! All it takes is 5-30 minutes a day for $10!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Just try it for yourself to believe. I didn't think ths was real until I actually tried it myself. Here's proof of one payment=] http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c233/xxlO_olxx/untitled.gif And another thing to make things easier is a program that I use called RoboForm. It allows me to fill our surveys with one click. You can get this program too, just click on the link below http://www.roboform.com/ (Put in fake information! No problem!) This is much easier so now I make money quick! Now go give it a try guys!=D
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9 Jul 07
i tried this and my account earnings are pending its been 8 days and i dont know what to do... please help O and by the way this is my 100th post yaaaaaaaaaaay W0000000t!!!!! please help me with gangstergreed
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30 May 09
This does work but I have discovered a must safer and faster way it is called prize rebel plz use this link below http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=1274753