what kind of dog is best to have in the house?

@yuseff (125)
June 17, 2007 11:53am CST
i live in a studio type apartment and i'm lucky that we are allowed to have dogs by the landlord, what kind of dog would be a good to get?
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@khithi17 (762)
• Philippines
18 Jun 07
i think the breed of dog you need is a small breed. like minipin, chihuahua, shi tzu or a pomeranian... those breeds make good pets inside your home and also you can take the dog with you when you go outdoors...
@breepeace (3022)
• Canada
17 Jun 07
That depends on many different things besides the space in your apartment: -Your lifestyle (are you active? Do you walk every day? Or are you more of a couch potato?) -Your cleanliness (do you mind hair? All dogs shed, be it small amounts or big amounts. Would you be willing to vacuum every day?) -Your tolerance level (can you put up with barking? Some small apartment sized dogs are quite vocal and it's hard to curb their enthusiasm for letting the world know that they are there) -Your level of dedication to your dog (some breeds are EXTREMELY difficult to housetrain and may take 6 months or more before you start to notice results) -How often you are home (a lot of small breeds develop seperation anxiety quite easily and may destroy things or mess in your house if left alone) -How much you value your possessions (some dogs naturally get bored when left alone for too long, this amount of time being subjective in a dog's eyes.. 2 hours may be too long for them, and will destroy your possessions simply out of boredom) -Your financial situation (small dogs are quite popular now for their portability, the prices for many small breeds is at a premium, especially for breeds like French Bulldogs which only have small litters and with a large amount of difficulty -- they can be as much as $3000 for a good quality puppy) Give me a better idea and I'd love to help you find your perfect breed!