If you have a chance and a suitable man , will you marry a foreigner?

June 17, 2007 11:59am CST
If you have a chance and a suitable man , will you marry a foreigner? If this is happened to me ,i think i will not.There are so many reasons.Firstly,you know different country have different concept,i think it is very common to have conflicts between the couples .If it occurs to me,i have a quarrel with my husband and he can't understand me very well,i will have a feeling of helpless and very upset ,because my husband could't understand me and my family members are not beside me ,i am lonely.I think i can bear these.Secondly,in my mind ,foreign country have a long distance from China,i will miss my homeland and family very deely,and my parents will miss me too.As the time goes by ,they become older,i can't leave them,they need me.In my mind ,it is too curel to them. And how about you ?will your marry a foreign wife or husband?
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@Bebs08 (10685)
• United States
16 May 08
Marrying a foreigner is not a problem if you truly love each other every thing would be alright. it is normal for couples to have misunderstanding but if there is love, things could be patched up right away.
@ngobis (237)
• Philippines
22 Jul 07
I'd like to think that Love knows no geographical boundries or skin color. If you love the person enough to want to spend the rest of you life with him/her, then you should do you best to try to understand the culture so that cultural differences would not be a so much of a problem. As for missing you parents and family, that is to be expected, but God made it to be that way. I'd quote a bible verse, but i dont know the exact verse. Genesis something. If you do meet that suitable person,(and happens to be a foreigner), dont just dimiss him because of it. Give the person a chance. Who knows, he might be the one!
@asmurthy (2462)
• India
18 Jun 07
My views of marrying a foreigner are different. The boy or the girl would face language problem. So there is a communication gap between families. They face cultural problems. If one does not know the other's culture they may face problems.