will u do something your bf are not allowed or understood?

June 18, 2007 1:15am CST
sometimes i am sad~ because my bf don't know why i should spend so much time to buy clothes~ why i have to have dinner with the friends but not with him~ why i have to go shopping frequently~ he will be unhappy with me~ but i still want to go out with my friends sometimes~ so i will lie~ and i feel something guilty~ will u do something like this? what will u handle it?
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• Hong Kong
18 Jun 07
I would talk with him and try to make him understand, relationship is about communication anyway. I don't think it's good to lie, it's not like you have something to hide, you just want to spend time on doing whatever that interests you and that's very important in your life. I would talk to him, but if he doesn't get it, I would still do the things I love to do as long as it won't hurt his feelings or this relationships. I wouldn't want to let myself go just because I am in a relationship with someone.
• China
3 Jul 07
ya~ i think it is that~ sometimes i am fear of hurt him~ he love me and he want me to be a good girl ~ he want me obey his words~ sometimes i will do the things and have some worry about his feeling~