who is the best soccer player in the world at present

June 18, 2007 1:22am CST
KaKa,C Ronaldo or Ronaldiho,Messi or other players,who is the best in your mind
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@layney (1053)
• Italy
18 Jun 07
No doubt, Kaka is the best soccer player of the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is very good but he disappeared in the most important match of the year (Man Utd against AC Milan). Ronaldinho had a bad season while Messi ha a great potential but he still has a lot to show us.
• Russian Federation
19 Jun 07
i would agree that currently it would be kaka. but i would also have to admit that cristiano ronaldo is not very far behind. maybe in a year or two if he still keeps up his form, he might surpass kaka and be the best player in the world.. as for ronaldinho, i feel that his time is coming up and although a few years ago he was greater than anybody, but now, he's starting to show his age.
@MrManUtd (53)
• Ireland
23 Jun 07
Kaka is the best player in the world at the moment. jus look at how he destroyed united in the CL semi-final. closely followed by C.Ronaldo
@mattyg2k7 (215)
22 Jun 07
it has to be cristiano ronaldo he is amazing and you have to remmember his age he is going to get better than this i now a scarey thought for the other teams in the premiership the reasons i think he is the best are simple 1 is that his skill are amazing but he is not just a 1 trick poney any more like he was when he first came to united now he has it all along with his skills he has baggs of pace and now he can deliver the end product unlike when he first joind he can now cross the bsll and also score goals from all other the pitch
@Michal51 (659)
• Germany
22 Jun 07
I think both Kaka and C. Ronaldo are the best football players in the world. They are just on the same level of skill.
@wydsky (28)
• China
21 Jun 07
it is kaka Undoubtedly.
• China
20 Jun 07
KaKa. He`s a talented genius of the players. He always scores at the critical moment.
• India
19 Jun 07
on skill basis ----its KAKA or Ronaldinho and on popularity its definitely David Beckham
@ackars (1942)
• India
19 Jun 07
Its no one other than Ronaldhino.He is a superb player and was not in a great form when he plays for his nation which I dont admire.He when plays for the club will be in awesome form.
@ram_cv (16514)
• India
19 Jun 07
At this moment, amongst the midfielders Kaka has to be at the top for his performances in Serie A and Champions League this season. Christiano Ronaldo would be a close second as he also had a phenomenal season with Man U. Amongst the strikers I think both Van Nistelrooy and Drogba had phenomenal seasons this year. Ruud also had the joy of lifting the golden boot. Amongst the defence, I think the pairing of Rio and Vidic had a great season this year!! Cheers! Ram