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@JUNGLE (1157)
South Africa
June 18, 2007 5:08am CST
Bruce Lee is the undisputed king of kung fu.This can be seen in the few films that he has made, and can also be varified by many people today (even movie celebrities) who have encountered him or trained with him.Bruce, like Elvis, has many impersonators who think that they can be like him.I think that there are even some who actually believe that are him.One cannot just go and buy a Bruce Lee movie on D.V.D.without first checking if the star of the said film is the real Bruce Lee or not.I remember a number of times,going to the paypoint at my local video shop clutching my precious "Bruce Lee" movie in my hot little hand only to discover on closer examination that the star of this movie is some joker called Bruce Lei or Bruce Li or some other Li-ar. I say get real guys you cant be "The Little Dragon". God made only one of him, why, you cant even be another one of your own Father or Mother.You of course are very much like each of them, because you are indeed a part of both of them but you can never ever be exactly like just only one of them.So may I end with a message to all Bruce Lee clones out there please stop there are people out there who pay good money for authentic goods If this is just your idea of making a quick buck, forget it.... people are watching you.But on the other hand if you really think you are Bruce Lee,then dream on sucker you will always be a loser, a very poor plastic imitation of anyone or anything that you try to copy.
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@mantis36 (4222)
• Philippines
30 Jun 11
how can Bruce Lee became the king of Kung Fu that what he only did is to revolutionized the Martial Kung Fu Systems.... and besides.... Bruce Lee doesn't belong to the 10 Tigers of China.... where one of the top lists is: 1. Wong Fei Hung 2. Fung Sai Yuk 3. Hu Yan Jia 4. Yip Man 5. Beng (Ngo Cho Kun founder) 6. i don't know next....
• United States
18 Jun 07
I completely agree Bruce Lee was the king of kung fu even his son does not match his talents and their are soooo many wannabe Bruce Lee's now but to me they are not real Bruce Lee was and will always be real to me.