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@Opteron (1845)
June 18, 2007 6:13am CST
Yesterday I received money from another PTC site, I remember you that PTC means Pay To Click! You get paid for watching some advertising for about 30 seconds. Every click makes you earn 1 cent...and you get about 15 links per day to click. I am running many of this sites and I can make about 30-40 $ per months, only for clicking some sites! Isn't great?:-) If you need to know more paying sites, send me a private message and I will answer you with all those that are really paying! With the help of some referrals you will get much more money because this site I am talking of gives you 100% of earnings from ur referral (and yes..your referrals will earn money too!) Just click on my link and look at my payment proof I have attached! If you want to register directly without looking at homepage, click this one that will bring you to registration page!
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@omupas (1243)
• United States
18 Jun 07
I'm also a member of adbux and can vouch that they are legit and pay. I noticed in your profile you are also a member of slashmysearch and agloco. If you haven't seen this already you might want to check out this free to join site, it's It brought me 54 new members into my downlines last week for programs including adbux, slashmysearch, agloco, mylot and others. Hope this helps.