Marriage Do's And Don't's - How To Keep Your Spouse Happy.

June 18, 2007 12:51pm CST
Well my husband and i were talking and we know what works for us, but we were wondering what others think and do. Many of you out there have been married for a long time, and many not, and this doesn't just go with marriage i guess, but relationships in general, so what works for you? what do you put under the do's and what do you put under the don't's to make and keep your spouse happy? *An Interested Couple.
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19 Jun 07
What works for me and my hubby is the sense to talk to one another, as silly as it is, as difficult the topic may be, I dont sweat the small stuff, if we are going to argue about something we make sure that its at least worth arguing about. No sense arguing about something neither of us can control. Another biggy is we respect each other, and trust unconditionally, I dont question a single thing with him because I dont "feel" he loves me, I "know" it, I feel it everyday, even days we are apart from one another... I never take a single wonderful thing he does for me for granted, if its staying home all day with the kids, or cooking a meal to tiding up the house. I also know that together we can accomplish anything, no matter the hurdle, no matter the torment or worry we may be experiencing in our life, I know that we can make it through anything as long as we can do it together... I guess for the most part, it all comes down to respect, love and trust for us...with those three things in abundance in a relationship the foundation itself is indestructible.
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5 Oct 07
Awwww, your meant to be together, sorry it took so long to respond, you sound like a wonderful couple, my husband and i are quite the same to eachother. It's nice to see others that feel the same way about their spouses.