What do lizard and freckled boy have in common?

do you know how freckles are formed???? - freckles are simply a bunching up of those melanocytes in spots.
June 18, 2007 9:47pm CST
To Understand what freckles are and how they appear, we have to understand what gives skin its color in the first place. The most important pigment in deciding the color of the skin is melanin. You might say that the different skin color of various races depends entirely on the difference in the amount of melanin. In lower forms of life, by the way, it is the melanin which enables certain fish and lizards to change their colors. In the human being, its most important function, apart from controlling the color, is to protect us against the harmful effect of too much exposure to sunshine. Melanin is produced by a whole network of special cells that are scattered thru the lower layer of the epidermis, which is the thin, outer part of our skin. these cells are called "melanocytes". Now we come to the question: what are freckles? well freckles are simply a bunching up of those melanocytes in spots. thats why freckles have that brownish color, the color of that pigment melanin. why do some people have freckles and other dont? the reason is heredity. Our parents decide whether we'll have freckles!the color of freckles (really the color os the melanin in them) can vary from light tam to dark brown, depending on the exposure to sun and heat. Sunshine not only can darken them, but can cause new melanin to form. So did you understand what freckles are????
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