what will you do if your parents doesn't like your fiance?

June 18, 2007 11:05pm CST
could you give me ideas as to how can i convince my parents to like my fiance? they are civil to him but you can feel that there is a barrier whenever we start a conversation with them. they tell me i could have someone much better but i have always told them that he is the one i love. i don't want to choose betweent my parents and my fiance. and so if you have any idea as to how i could convince my parents to accept my fiance...please help me. thanks.
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@sassyces (1604)
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
I'm in that situation but the difference is that he is not my fiance, he was my boyfriend. Well, what I told him to do was to do things that are not just for me but for my family. Meaning, like one time, when my mom was to go to my brother's school and she only would ride a public trasportation, my boyfriend, although he's late for work already, waited for my mom to finish what she's doing and he broght her to the school. I know it sounds very simple but it's the small things accumulated all together that makes up the big things. He need not to show outrageous things just to show off because showing off is not SINCERE. More than anything, He should also prove HIS LOVE for you. Actions speak louder than words so if your parents see that he really proves himself to you, cares for you and understands you, and he is considerate not just to you but to your parents as well, then I guess in time it will not be harder for them to like him. Good Luck!! =)
@maddog108 (3441)
• Australia
19 Jun 07
you cant forse people to like some one but if they see your happy and hes looking after you well it might help a bit give it time and see what happens