June 19, 2007 2:29am CST
I knew bullying was something that was probaly going to happen sometime in my child life. I had no isdea it would start at kindy. I ignored it the first time my daughter came home from school saying that someone called her fat. the second time i went and told the teacher and how it was unacceptable, Then it happened again , by this time i was getting angry, my 4 year old daughter should not have to put up with this at kindy. I think now the bully has had a good talking to and it has not happened again, has anybody else had any stories like this. Were you bullied at school did it affect you later on in life?
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@maehan (1445)
• United States
19 Jun 07
My son get bully and hit when he first join the kindergarten in US. Initially, he kept quiet and tell me when he reach home. I asked him does he wants me to interfer. He said no as he wanted to handle it himself but he promise he will not fight back. Unfortunately, he can't and worst he was being bullied and bitten continuously for 3 days. I am so upset that I went to talk to the teacher, the teacher in matter of fact knew what happen but the boys do not listen. I have no choice but to talk to these boys personally. I told them that I am not happy and sad that they behave this ways. They are still young and should be a good boy and should not fight and bullied a newcomer. I asked them don't they want to have a new friend? Guess what, these boys are now my son buddies. Probably you want to talk to the kids or the kids parent.
• Australia
19 Jun 07
Does sound like a good idea if it happens again, thank- you. its such a shame though you have to worry about this kind of thing already