Dog Stories

June 19, 2007 5:11am CST
I have a little black dog called Jessie who is now sixteeen and a half. My family took her in when my Grandma had a bad fall and died some years later. Even at her age she can still run pretty fast and play with other dogs. She sometimes chases cats and squirrels as she does not like them being in our garden. Last week my Mum was letting her back in the garden after taking her for a walk (we have fields behind our back gate). My Mum got distracted by something else, while she was busy, our dog Jessie must have chased a squirrel through the garden. But not looking where she was going fell into our pond- lucky it is not that deep. My Mum heard all the splashing and went over to see what it was. Poor Jessie was trying and failing to get out, so she had to help her out. Then we had to wash her to get rid of the bits of plants and to make sure she would not smell. She hates baths but likes the fuss of being dried and shaking water on us, so she did not have a very good day. Does anyone have any interesting or funny stories about their dogs?
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