@JUNGLE (1157)
South Africa
June 19, 2007 11:26am CST
In 1936 a British film unit making a documentary in India,discovered a young boy who had great skill in handling elephants.He was the son of an elephant driver or mahout in the Hindi language. Greatly impressed by the boy's natural talent,the producers sought permission from his Father to take him to Britain and act in jungle adventure movies.The next year he made his first film entitled "Elephant Boy". Since then he starred in some 18 movies,many of which he was the lead actor.Some of these films were 1937:"Elephant Boy,1938:"The Drum",1940:"The Thief Of Bagdad and 1948:"The Jungle Book". Stand back Bollywood, Sabu Bastagir is the very first Indian movie star that the western world has known.
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