Any Psychics on here???????

@kavita23 (2995)
June 19, 2007 1:50pm CST
I wanna know if they're for real! anyone been to see a psychic and have been told something genuine? If you're psychic can you please tell me what happened to my old phone! Think someone stole it from my old work n don't know who. it's been driving me crazy!
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@whywiki (6066)
• Canada
19 Jun 07
I'm afraid since there is no such thing as psychics you won't find one here and if you do they are either lying or they are nuts.
@breepeace (3015)
• Canada
7 Jul 07
I'm not a psychic, but I have been to two who knew far too much about me. I know a lot of people claim to be psychics and get preyed on because they give too much away, and I literally gave nothing away to them (they were both male) besides my name and age. The first guy knew about the hurt I'd just been through with my ex,and assured me that I did the right thing, although I never told him I was just out of a relationship, or that I had made any serious life changes lately, and was there with a close guy friend who some people might have mistaken for my boyfriend. He also told me about the indecision I was having about the 3 other men in my life. One was a friend and guy I had dated in the past that I had started talking to again near the end of the breakup, and was falling in love with (not the guy I was with), who he described as "too emotional and mysterious for you", and said he was athletic (it's true, he boxes, teaches kickboxing and was an avid runner and swimmer). The other was my ex from years ago who he declared "Your Rock", and described him as a "young, light haired man" (which although not true anymore, was true of the last time I saw him when he had longer, sunbleached hair), and this is my current boyfriend who used to come listen to me cry at 3 in the morning when my current ex had pulled another stunt that hurt. The last he described as a "the source of your pain" and advised me that I should not do that to myself again, I can assume that is my ex, and I took his advice. Eerie. As for the second, the palm reader -- he told me that the line of work I was currently in was making me unhappy and that I should seek something more hands on (I was a teller at a bank and it was true because I was upset about getting yelled at for policies I couldn't change). He said I have strong hands, which denote a strong, honest and earthy personality, so any man I'm ever involved with longterm cannot be a schmuck, and that although I'll fall for a schmuck more than a few times in my life, the man I spend the rest of my life with (and yes, he can only see one) will be strong, with on par intelligence to my own, with his own opinions and his own life. I have a need to travel, but home is immensely important to me and is my refuge, and he told me I shouldn't invite people into my home if I don't feel comfortable with them, which is also true. I'm a homebody and my home is very important to me, and I hate when people I don't feel comfortable with touch or use my things. It really upsets me. I believe.
@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
24 Jun 07
I am not a psychic at all but I always wanted to go to one and see if they would guess something about my life that would be real. I am curious alot about them.