Banning Computer Games

@simesc (248)
June 19, 2007 2:20pm CST
I have just been watching the news and found out that the UK will not allow manhunter 2 to be released as it is too violent. They have in the past blamed this game as the reason that someone was murdered. Is it correct to ban games or do violent games make people violent?
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@Dan_ul (858)
• Romania
19 Jun 07
my personal opinion it's that banning a game will not stop people from playing it... I mean it wouldn't stop me:P... actually I'll be more interested on the game if it is a banned one... and I think this works for a lot of people... so banning it it's not the solution... may be banning it for kids? yeah this could work... but still the only one that suffers it's the producer of the game... kids, now a days, can get all kinds of stuff if they have enough time... and sadly they have it...;)
• Pakistan
19 Jun 07
I think games do have some effect as movies because if a man is not mature enough then he will fantasize himself as the hero or the Villon of the game and try to adopt the thing that he likes in the game and in that case he might do something illegal to make community disturb.