can number of parties develop a country? do they really interested in developing

June 19, 2007 2:53pm CST
India is the one of the biggest democratic country. here every one has the right to all.spk, drink, sleep, kill, many type of rights !!!! ? we are going to a critical condition in future times because of political parties. There are number of political parties raising day by day.Political leaders are interested to develop their party only. Their work is to abuse the opposite party. Because of many parties no party will get majority. It will create trouble to common people and it is huge waste of money for conducting vote. Instead there should be only two parties. one is ruling, another is opposite. If u dont like rule go to opposite. if u want to rule then go to rule.there should not be third party. Many parties main motto is to defeat the agist party . nothing else. can we imagine our developmwent from these persons?
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
19 Jun 07
The problem with a two party system is that each party gets more wrapped up in opposing each other than having a real philosophy. We're stuck in a two party system right now in the US - and we were warned about it in documents written by some of our countries founders, called "The Federalist Papers." No system is perfect, and in the current climate all politicians seek is to elevate themselves and not assist others, but this will be the same case no matter what the number of parties. We need some actual good people to run for office, not the riff-raff we have these days.