Comfort Food!!!!

@chileman (968)
June 19, 2007 8:38pm CST
What is comfort food for you? For my wife it is chocolate and icecream and cakes whereas for me it's more like olives and cheese or some salami and pickles on crackers. Comfort meals, well a good warm stew or a spicy soup like laksa do the trick!
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@rekhum (2434)
• India
20 Jun 07
I'd love to have soups. Chicken and mushroom soup or sweet corn and chicken.
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@Zelmarq (12362)
• Cebu City, Philippines
20 Jun 07
For me its something salty or something sweet like chocolate. I love having them both, after a salty food I try to crave for something sweet and chocolatey.
@Calais (10899)
• Australia
16 Jul 07
I like any sort of food, as for comfort food, it changes all the time, depending on what I feel like at the time...But I suppose I always come back to chocolate self saucing pudding with cream smothered all over it...
• Malaysia
7 Jul 07
For me I would say I am the same as your wife's preference. I like eating chocolate and ice-creams and cakes when I am down. However now I am in a diet and has reduced taking those food, but I crave for them all the time! They are such heavenly delicacy that can make me feel good the whole day. yeah, they are really comfort food for me!
@wdiong (1817)
• Singapore
5 Jul 07
For me,I also have a sweet tooth and I would love to eat things like cakes,cookies,ice cream and chips too when I am sad. They never fail to make me feel better.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
20 Jun 07
Hey. Hmmm my comfort food is most probably chocolate and chocolate log cake, dipped into a cup of hot milo, tea or coffee...
@BELMCstar (1341)
• Australia
20 Jun 07
I love a nice big hearty stew in winter, as that warms me up nicely. If I am feeling a bit depressed, I eat chocolate - especially Cadbury dairy milk or potato chips - salt & vinegar are my favourite. I also like to have a good old fashioned barbecue with friends around. We usually have a few drinks as well, and that seems to make me feel better quite quickly.