Have YOU been to vatican city? Atheism in the vatican?!@?!

June 19, 2007 9:26pm CST
Its funny, but I'm an atheist who has visited the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel is amazing, it is very beautiful. Michelangelo is a genius with his adam and god painting as philosophers have described him to be a non-believer. great job, right their in the heart of the church you paint paintings that represent the faults of the religion. along with leonardo, you 2 are my heroes. the last supper is an amazing painting as well, if you guys go and study them, you would see the claims that these atheists make about these 2 paintings and many, many more. And when you add all the evidence up, it seems like you cant control it, something must have happend. anyways, have you been to the vatican? have you seen the sistine chapel and the amazing art?
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