what is the best way of earning money easier at mylot?what are the tips?

June 19, 2007 11:07pm CST
hey im a newbie here,,,i just wanna know how would you able to earn pionts/money?kindly give me some idea or tips bout this pls....
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• India
20 Jun 07
hey even im a newbie and whta i heard is we shouls try nad start discusiions bcoz as people respond we get paid..also i heard we dhould replt to discusions and also we can add more interests, the more intersts beeter chnces..but i notice im not able to add thm..also afyet every post it says add tad. wht is that..do we also get paid for adding comment..a slo im not able to load a display pic on main page..its cooming in album not main page
@Zelmarq (12368)
• Cebu City, Philippines
20 Jun 07
Hello welcome to mylot. The secret here is actually not anymore a secret. All you have to do is to post for quality posts and replies. Dont just reply for the heck or for the sake of replying but for the sake of godd and quality posts.