How do you let go the past.

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June 19, 2007 11:50pm CST
I am 33 with 5 children 3 daddys out of those 3 only 1 has step up and been a father and thats my oldest daughter dad.The other two 1 was abusive end up going to jail for life,the second ne just won't do. The last 5yrs have been hard because,I had a brain tumor not once but twice! then i was told i had parkinson.I went threw all chemo withjust me, my, 11-9-7-5-3yr olds and god.I almost 2 yr ago i came in contact with a childhood friend we start dating and now we are engaged he has no kids he loves me and the children to death. He take great care of us but sometime i feel myself scared that he will leave when the parkinson gets worse or what if i go for a mri or ct an they see something.He tells me all the time he is here for ever and he shows it. How do i get over my bad past and low self esteem.
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25 Dec 07
I know that this post was done 7 months ago but I felt led of the Lord to respond to you Shannon. In the midst of your relationship with everyone in your life, the Lord Jesus Christ has to be your SOURCE of strength, hope, trust and love. When we get our focus on people as our provider, we get disappointed. As for your fiancee/husband, if he truly loves you, that love will withstand any trial or test. True love never fails (1 Corinthians 13). Focus on trying to find ways to love yourself more. Deal with any childhood issues that have caused you to be involved with people that do not love you. Even friends. It is hard to receive love if you do not love yourself. You may need to forgive yourself also for past failures and ask God to forgive you if you have not already. You sound very precious and have been through so much already in your life. God can turn it around for you. Keep looking to Him and be encouraged. Keep working on you and it will all work out. God Bless You - Faithfully!
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31 Aug 07
Girl, you are my hero! You made it through all that, so you have to know that things will be ok! Stop worrying and enjoy the good times! You deserve to be happy, you have overcome a lot in your life, This new guy sounds great and just remember he is not your ex. He obviously loves you, so just let him!