I felt like I have the same experience with this movie.

June 20, 2007 12:26am CST
Really,my ex like this movie and until now I won't forget him.. During our 6th month,he invited me to watch this dvd in their house and i thought that it was another love story and i pay no attention to it,I was concentrating on him, I keep on teasing him and bite his lips,i'm in to it but he wants me to concentrate on the movie.. My bf looks sexy that day,i keep on laughing when he sang the same song to me and even played the guitar like what the guy did. Now, the very interesting part is the soundtrack, when they broke up i think?? the title was "Look what you've done", i think i fell in love with him more...I'd like to ask your opinion on how it will help me since He's still in my mind and its not that easy to forget him..
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