June 20, 2007 2:44am CST
Do you like Milan and Milan's player?
5 responses
• Italy
17 Jul 07
sure and the square more strongly of the world
• China
20 Jun 07
I don`t like Milan.I hate their style. But I love KaKa.He`s a talented player.
• Romania
20 Jun 07
I cheer to for Juventus and i don't like milan. In fact, i don t even like milan's players espacialy Inzaghi. I like very much only one player from Milan: Kaka.
@stvasile (7314)
• Romania
20 Jun 07
I cheer for Juventus, but that doesn't keep me from admiring some of the top players Milan has. I have the outmost respect for players like Maldini, Gattuso, Kaka, Cafu and many others.
@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
20 Jun 07
I don't surrport milan but its players are truly world class type and milan is a nice place to visit yea