My first work from home !!!!

@cmsk2005 (1770)
United States
June 20, 2007 3:51am CST
Do you want to know my first work from home? I was about 18-19years and was mainly busy in studying but that was the time you need money most and in anyway to fulfil your dreams. Then I saw some ad they need WFH person can make refrigerator magnet in home for the company and get commission for it. I have wrote a letter to them then they asked me 35$. I sent them that money then they sent me two samll thin magnetic plate and a ribbon and some small net and button and asked me to make a sample and send them for testing. If they think it is good and properly made they will give me tons of order to do it, they also sent a sketch for doing the work. I thought it is so simple so i can make it easily and anytime I like and then can earn big commission as their commission rate was very high. But there was a trick-they told if I dont use the sample and return to them as it is they will refund my $35 but if I use the sample to make two magnet and send them for their approval and if it fail then they cant refund anything. That was the catch and I was in between the huge commission and my $35..... finally I returned the sample as it was and got my 35$ back. By that time I was littlebit grown up in this work from home world and able to understand the actual work.....
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