When its not safe to be Home

June 20, 2007 4:20am CST
My sister's friend dcided to have a drinking party near their home, actually the event is just beside their house. Only friends are invited, the parents are of course all inside the house already fast vas sleep. It is so rare that person ask or even consider having drinking session, maybe because of his hectic shedule at work he wanted to relax with friends. So the drinking session started at around 11:00 p.m and at around 1:00 a.m four unknown people approached our friends and announced that they are pulis men and wanted to conduct a search, so they stole the cellphone and searcxh for money, unfortunately Sarahfe saw his brother being search and called her mother, as a mom of course you will asked what happened and readily this people pointed the gun to the two woman, scared Sarafe called for his father that was almost asleep upstairs. The father hurriedly go down and one of the suspect aim to shot him luckly the gun didnt fired off, then thesame suspect aimed a warning shot! and pointed the gun to Sarahfe, again it didt fire off... but it fired off when the gun man aimed the gun to sarafe's brother the bullet pass through his legs all sarafe heared was his brother shouting "Dapa" which means hide or dunk in tagalog. Then another gun fire was heard, this time his brother was shot in the shoulder and the bullet unfortunately pass through his head giving him 10% chances of survival. I know that Cavite is home of the brave... I mean heroes resides in this land! but hey! as times pass by heroes turned in bandits... and started killing helpless people. the worst... this suspects are all well known people in this place, and are all rich... why are they doing this... only God knows... and i hope they go to hell.
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• India
20 Jun 07
There are such person in society who are rich and do unlawful acts. They think that with money they can do anything. They can escape from the punishment. But it is not true, one day such persons are caught and jailed. In your case brother has to suffer a lot. Anyhow other persons escaped from danger. But it may have come to them also. During such gathering it is necessary to keep close watch on strangers at least. At first sight, if action is initiated then we may esape from danger and caught to such evil minded people. Only need of the hour is to react at once.
@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
How cruel those people are by doing that to innocent people, I believe there is a right place and time for them if not here then it would be God who will sentence them for what they have done. Just dont forget to pray always. d=)