What does a Computer Engineer Do?

June 20, 2007 4:51am CST
Hey Guys, In our country Computer engineers are working as the computer programmer. Some are working the the system as the network administrator. I wander exactly is the job of a computer engineer. Is it Programming (In my view i don't agree), Network administrator or any thing else. If Anything else, then what that any thing else would be.
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• China
14 Aug 07
I think Computer engineers can do a lot of things including programming. What they do is decided by their abilities.
@rb1557 (9)
• Iran
14 Jul 07
a computer eng can do lots of things administration/coding/networking/managing and ....
@corsario (27)
• Portugal
23 Jun 07
I would say that they are the ones that engineer solutions, using computers, to solve problems. In an army they would be the officers, though they also fight, they are the ones that must have a broader view and assign work, work with their peers on the development (this includes... programming, unless they are only project managers and the project is so big that managing it is a full time job), plans schedules according to what they are asked to do by their superiors. At least this is how I see it. Many computer engineers are given both jobs, both computer programmer and engineer, I don't think this is bad because he more than anyone has the knowledge to do both.