Inactive carriers Join the advocacy to live and work like normal person

June 20, 2007 6:59am CST
I don't know why some countries have sweeping policies on not letting hep-b carriers to enter their country. As we can see right now here in the phils. more and more OFW's can't get jobs abroad just because they have hep-b. But not all heb-b are the same. Most of those who are infectious are called inactive carriers meaning they can't transmit this to others. Its just remain on their body. 3 or 5 five yrs. ago my brother who is very healthy and strong, with a very nice profession submit himself into a laboratory clinic for medical lab. test as part of his reqts. in going to kuwait to wor there. The clinic test that he was + with hepa-b which he didn't know for all the past years. He's also a vegetarian and very sensitive in having meals somewhere He was denied of an opportunity to work at that time and felt so down and deppresed since then. After a series of test from other hospital, doctor told us he is just an inactive carrier and can work. Its the kuwait embassy who gave the final decision not tolet him go. Recently, I just heard that canada is also starting to do this. Why other countries are letting this persons. I know a one OFW who works on a ship for for quite sometime now and he can go to different places in europe. I think its about time that issues must be settled for workers who are inactive carriers so that they won't be denied with the job and a future for their career. I came across with this with this link which can also give more explanations to what im trying to say.
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