The TunneL

Saudi Arabia
June 20, 2007 7:53am CST
Add_a_Nerve: Where have u been? called u, u didn't answer. She: Sorry hun got hooked up at work, didn't check my mobile. Add_a_Nerve: It came to me again Add_a_Nerve: The feeling... She: What feeling? Add_a_Nerve: The scary feeling. It was so damn horrible She: Don't worry dear, it'll be ok, u may need 2 see the doctor again. Add_a_Nerve: U just can't imagine how scary it is. I feel it crawling within. She: Don't be scared, it's nothin. Add_a_Nerve: Is it a doctor issue or something else here? Add_a_Nerve: The pins, the electricity, the fear, it's all scary, I don't.. She: Sorry got pick this call it's my friend Sara, Hello hi there Add_a_Nerve: I need u now, tell her to call u later, damn where u goin? She: Ha Ha really? u saw what happened at work today?? let me tell u Add_a_Nerve: Don't leave the room please... damn she left Add_a_Nerve: So fu^&in typical .. Add_a_Nerve: Gotta overcome this on my own Add_a_Nerve: Come on man, u've created it and u can destroy just concentrate Add_a_Nerve: Here it begins again, why can't IT just leave?? Add_a_Nerve: What the f... It is terrifying Add_a_Nerve: Is it an e...... Add_a_Nerve: Oh my Lord. Is it an... FIN Deadraven999 Leaf 1 20 Jun 2007
2 responses
1 Jul 07
I can imagine what it is. Looks like a nail in relationship's coffin. I got loads and loads of these.
• Saudi Arabia
5 Jul 07
Ha Ha Ha, nail is just a word my friend, u just can't imagine the.....
21 Jun 07
my friend, What's this?
• Saudi Arabia
27 Jun 07
What do you think this is, my friend, what do you think this is. Thank you my friend, you're the only among my friend's list who dropped at least a word here. *Thanks my friend for being there with me *With me in a space named The TunneL *The TunneL may trap us for some time *Some time could be a moment or forever ......... My dear friend, The TunneL isn't the only leaf. The TunneL is real and may have sequel(s) and I would luv 2 see u there.