Gonna see harry potter 5?

June 20, 2007 7:59am CST
wow its great that harry potter and the order of Phoenix is gonna release.Itis totally diferent from what i thought. it came in my mind that umbridge would be a tall women but what i saw in the trailer was a cute fat lady lol! The hairstyle of harry,i didnt like it.his style in harry potter 4 was better i think. Lets see what happens in the movie on 28th.
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@moudas (259)
• India
15 Jul 07
This movie was absolutely terrible and should have been called "Crappy Movie and the Order of the Refund." I enjoyed the charm of the other Harry Potter movies, but "Order of the Phoenix" was completely disappointing on every level. The magical flare and the charm that was so prevalent in the other movies is totally gone, and for some reason the CGI and special effects for most of the spells and creatures are so horrible that they looked Made-For-TV (like something you'd expect to see on a Sci-Fi Channel original movie). Apparently only Dumbledore and Voldemort have the powers to produce any decent special effects (which are extremely brief towards the end of the movie). Everything up until that point was really abysmally poor. However, special effects (in my opinion) do not make or break a movie. If the other stuff (i.e. plot, script, characters, etc) is good, then I can forgive bad graphics. Too bad the plot and script were equally awful in this movie. Many of the characters and scenes were used as filler and the plot never really went anywhere. For the first 45 minutes or so I just kept wondering when the movie was finally going to START because the story that was being shown to me onscreen was a completely jumbled mess with no coherence or relevance to the overall plot. Sadly, that 45 minutes turned into 138 minutes, which brought this train-wreck of a movie to a close. Almost nothing was explained in the movie, so the audience gets to take a back-seat to everything that's going on. Many of the characters were either completely annoying or totally ancillary to the story. Oh, and if you actually happened to read the book, be prepared to be even more disappointed. The folks that I saw this movie with were big fans of the book and they were even more upset by how terrible this movie was than me (and I mean REALLY upset). They said this movie barely covered a quarter of what was in the book and that many of the major plot points were totally missing from the movie.
• India
26 Jul 07
Man some say that the film wasnt so powerful. I am just waiting for the 7th movie. will have to wait much for it.Dunno how many years it will take. and u know the BAD news? THE FILM WASNT RELEASED IN MY CITY!!! so bad for me.wasnt able to see it.