tea and coffee

@siddhinfo (1501)
June 20, 2007 8:04am CST
Are you drinking tea or coffee, both are good to health but has to drink it out within the limit. Anything is good for health when it is within the limits but once the limit is cross then it become harmful. So be careful and take care of your health. Tea:-Both black and Green tea is good for health. Both these contains anti-oxidants and studies have shown them to lower the risk of heart disease and possibly cancer. But it should be taken without sugar or milk. Coffee:- It appears to lower the risk of diabetes. Coffee might also lower the risk of bowl cancer. But too much caffeine can increase the risk of heart disease - less than 400 mg a day (which equals to four cups) is SAFE. It's best to have it BLACK.
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@shen23 (126)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
i usually had my coffee. i like instant coffee..
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• India
4 Mar 08
thanxs for it but i donot drink both things because i take milk to drink. and its much better than both things.i think study also showed some thing from it.
• United States
8 Feb 08
i agree with everything on your post..i only have a about 12-16 ounces of coffee a day in the A.M. but a doctor told me a long time ago..he puts cream/milk in his coffee as it helps prevent tartar on your teeth..but that i don't think that little bit of cream/milk/half an half would hurt...one way or another.. my ex wife used to drink her coffee black..but i always had to have it with somehing to whiten it..lol..just an old custom
• India
18 Dec 07
Usually I think it's too much fuss to have to mix my own drink so what I'd do is buy Meiji's coffee flavored milk. It's excellent. Full cream milk mixed with coffee.I like my milk with chocolate shake or strawberry milkshake but i don't like an extra cream.
@coolcat123 (4390)
• India
20 Jun 07
I like to drink coffee because are good in taste as compared to tea and they are also nice to wake-up if you are in sleepy mood.Just drink a cup of coffee and your sleepiness will be automatically lost.
20 Jun 07
Personally I am not a lover of either tea or coffee. I love the taste of coffee but I am sensitive to caffeine. I have started drinking de-caff now, but for me it's best that I don't drink much, as I have 2 sugars in each cup (it used to be 3 but I weaned myself off it!) and although the coffee might be good for your health, that much sugar certainly isn't. I agree that black coffee is best, it tastes nicer aswell, I just wish that I could drink it without sugar! A nice cup of milky sweet tea is good for a hangover though!
@speedy1279 (2667)
• United States
20 Jun 07
Thanks for sharing this with us. I drink sweet ice tea, not sure if it is black or green. But I do have sugar in it. I just can't stand the taste of unsweetend tea. Now as for the coffee I am definitly within the limits of how much. I only drink two cups a day, but I can't drink it black. I have to have cream and sugar in it.