are you time conscious???

June 20, 2007 8:24am CST
are you time conscious??? do you always look at your watch or at the clock of your house..... me, i am a time conscious type of person cause i always do things on time and i don't want to be late.... cause for me being late is not a good attitude... by the way let's go back to my question.... """"are you time conscious"""
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@lynboobsy11 (11345)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
Eventhough I'm just here in my house I do always look at the clock in my computer while I'm here in mylot or any clock here in my house coz I have something to do in that time. Like when I have to prepare for a meal, when I'm going to woke my kids for it's time for them to go to the school and for me to get sleep. Because sometime I don't feel sleepy but I have to be get sleep for tomorow's activities.
20 Jun 07
I am very conscious of time.I tend to set a certain time limit for finishing off my work, and so I do look at the watch many times a day.I am a stickler for time.Even when I was young,I always used to be at school atleast 15 mins before the bell rang which banned all latecomers into the class until our school principal had spoken to the latecomers and warned them.My sisters used to tease me a lot.I never like to hurry at the last moment because I know that I am going to jumble things up if I hurry.I like to finish my work well in advance so that I can do it in a relaxed manner and not to have to look for haphazard endings.