This is the best game in the world(WII)

Trinidad And Tobago
June 20, 2007 4:32pm CST
What is your opinion of the WII
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3 Jul 07
I strongly agree with you.I think it is a very nice game is way too cool
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• Trinidad And Tobago
3 Jul 07
I am glad u agree with me
@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
11 Aug 07
I too agree with you. I have owned the Wii since christmas and once i sit down and start playing i cant stop. I only have a few games: Red steel, Zelda and Supersmash Fotball but i am thinking about getting another one. Does anyone here know about a good Wii game? I heard Harry Potter is worth the money but i don't know. All of you who haven't got a Wii yet, go buy one as fast as you can ;)
• Trinidad And Tobago
5 Sep 07
I can't stop whenever i start playing it too.Yes Harry Porter is worth the buy.They all need to buy the game.Heheee
@mr_mlk (364)
23 Jun 07
Sorry, your question appears to be different to your subject. Are you asking what the best game on the Wii is, or what people’s opinion of the Wii platform? From a technical standpoint I am unimpressed with the Wii, it is woefully underpowered and does not work well as a media centre as the audio/video CODECs are frankly very poor. But really these are a fairly minor issue, hopefully in time with Opera will support Flash 9, and we can have a good Flash video player or Nintendo will release a Video channel that supports better CODECs. The biggest issue for the Wii at the moment is finding developers that can actually make use of its assets, those assets being the unique controller system. Nintendo games do very well, but a fair few 3rd party games are clunky to use. Hopefully time will solve this. What is the best game for the Wii, simple Wii Sports. Little beats a bit of batting and boxing before bed.
• Trinidad And Tobago
27 Jun 07
Actually i want to know your opinion on the Wii.Thanks for your response
• Malaysia
7 Jul 07
I think the Wii is a next step into the more innovative and interactive side of gaming. Im planning to get a Wii myself so im gonna have to wait until i have enough money hehe.
• Trinidad And Tobago
5 Sep 07
I am glad you agree with me .It is a very cool game.It is worth the wait.hehe.