Do you think 911 call responses are slow in certain areas?

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United States
June 20, 2007 8:15pm CST
I was reading up on a story where a man pulling in an apartment complex hits a 3-4 little girl. The man gets out to check on her and all the while is confronted by a mob of people. The passenger get out to help and is attacked as well. The passengers sister is contacted, who lives in the apartments. 100 ft from her door she sees her brother laying down beaten and choking in blood. Police arrive instantly. But the ambulance were told to wait until the area was secured. The driver got away, but here this man is laying at near death. No help. The police wouldnt let anyone near him. 35 min later he arrives at the hospital. 35 min. too late. Do you think the police are to blame? I mean if someone saw a big truck with lights they would move out of the way. Or are the ambulance to blame? They could have ignored orders. Or could 911 operators be blamed? They aren't educated enough to even give advice on how to help until rescue arrives. This is a sad situation. I would love to thinks maybe if 911 would arrive a few mins sooner, some people would probably be alive today. I want to here some of you thought on the subject.
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