Pitbulls Have Gotten A Bad Name

@kodie420 (872)
June 20, 2007 10:14pm CST
Well I know many of you's here have already seen many post about this but im doing mine anyways because I love the breed and I think people should be aware that they arent any more dangerous then any other dog. I know we have all heard about the pitbull attacks and so on but the thing that bothers me is thats all we ever really hear about. I never hear how rottweilers attack people for no reason and I have seen this happen so why pick on one breed? I think the problem stemmed mainly from the types of people who orginially started raising them badly. Any dog or animal in that case if is treated bad will eventually do something wrong. Drug dealers and so are mainly to blame in my eyes. they get these dogs then train them to attack and cant control them. The breed is in serious treat of being wiped out for good and what gives us the right to do this to a poor animal thats only doing what their owners taught them. The laws in most places almost makes it impossible to own this breed and thats totally unfair. I have a pitbull which I rescued from a really abusive home when she was 11 weeks old and was affraid that she would grow up to be dangerous but I found all she wanted was to be loved. Its going on 3 years now and my dog has never attacked or went after anyone. Dont get me wrong she is protective and thats what I love about the breed but Im careful and always make sure she cant get out of the house alone or away from me. So imn my mind its the owners of this breed that has put them into danger of being totally wiped out and thats not fair no matter how you look at it. I would like to hear anybody else's opinion on this topic please!
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